The Faking Game! Here is how guys fake orgasm too

Yes, it sounds absurd, why will men fake orgasm. It's understandable
for women. They need to do other things and you're taking too long to
finish off.

This might also be a lesson for guys, not every lady enjoys the long
sex, so its not about how long you can go for. For some ladies, sex
should be over and done in 7 minutes, so if you're still humping her
for the next 20 minutes, then it becomes a chore. When remembers that
she has got other stuffs to do, then it's time for a fake orgasm.

It's perhaps weird for guys to fake orgasm, but in case you wondering
why a guy can do this. It might be because of a couple of reasons. One
can be that, he sees that you're no longer interested in the sex, and
you want it to stop as well too. What might make that happen is
preparing for sex, like some instructions teach you online.

If you're nervous about having sex with someone for the first time, do
right by yourself and jerk off before you have the sex. What this does
is that it help you get the edge off, firstly, then secondly, it will
help you last longer in bed. The first nut will betray you any chance
it gets, spoken by Katt Williams. Those are words to live by, because
of this, the sex might take longer and become uninteresting.

We asked a couple of guys if they fake orgasms too, and the results
are hilarious, the video will be upload here soon