What Are the Risks of Sex During Menses? - Is Sex During Menstruation Safe?

Having sex during menstruation may not be the most conventional or
common thing or rather, it is not something that is openly discussed by many. However, there is always the question of whether or not the act is acceptable. There is the issue of whether or not this is medially accepted.

The subject of having sex during menstruation is strictly personal.
Medical experts' on women health advice that it is perfectly okay and
normal as long as the couple are okay with it. In fact, depending on
the woman, this may be the best time to do it as it may offer extra
lubrication for those people that need it. Some women have even
registered more pleasure during this time because of the high hormone
levels on the second and third day of their menstruation.
Doctors say that the orgasm experience could work to your advantage in
the sense that it helps relive menstrual crumbs and pain.

Sex during menstruation good or bad?

Having sex without protection during period is not a problem, at least
not medically. An expert of women health says that most people are
concerned with the stain that they will get on their sheets. For this
she advises that they place a towel underneath or better still get
busy in the bathroom where the stains can be washed away. Most women
tend to shy away from this because of their self-esteem is in
question. They may not feel clean enough to be with their partners
during this period and as such would prefer to wait it out which is
perfectly okay. Some may have a mental issue
figuring how this will not come out with harsh side effects it is hard
to convince such women that it is safe to have intercourse when they
are in their period.

Sex during period side effects

If there are people out there concerned about sex during menstruation
side effects then there fears are valid. While it may be more
pleasurable and perfectly safe to have sex during your period, there
are certain side effects that you need to look out for. It is easier
to contract STIs because the blood can easily transmit the infections.
In fact, most doctors would advice the use of condoms to avoid the
easy spread of HIV/AIDS.

It is also possible that women are at a higher risk of developing
yeast infection because the pH level of the vagina is higher than
normal. The symptoms of this type of infection can increase
tremendously with sexual intercourse
during menstruation. Urinary tract infections are also likely to
increase during this period. With some of these serious effect of sex
during menstruation, women should be well advised to know if this is
something they are willing to do. In the end it is all a matter of
choice. While the risks of infections exists, the act in itself is
safe and may not have any medical implications when no infections