A Kenyan Woman Tried To Rob A Bank In The US With A Hammer

It seems life abroad is hard for some Kenyans.

 A Kenyan woman was arrested by law enforcement officers last weekWednesday after she walked into a Texas bank and tried to rob it. Evelyn Misumi 36years, walked into a Bank of America branch armed with a hammer, gasoline and lighter fluid.And it gets even funnier.

 Miss Misumi poured gasoline and lighter fluid on the bank’s lobby then demanded cash from the tellers while waving a hammer. What? Was she planning to throw the harmer at tellers like if they didn’t comply? She doesn’t look like the kind to rob a bank.

Police were called as she was leaving the bank. A statement from the area’s police department read:

 Police elected not to draw weapons as no immediate danger to themselves or surrounding individuals was apparent. They did, however, attempt to impede her escape by tasing her. When that proved unsuccessful, officers used pepper spray on the woman. When she reached her car, she pulled a small child out of the vehicle and attempted to use the child as a shield.

Who does that? She eventually surrendered though. She is now in the Collin County jail and she will face charges of robbery and endangering a child. No injuries were reported during the incident