Girl Gets 20 Boyfriends To Buy Her iPhones Then Sells Them To Buy A House

One clever girl from China has performed the ultimate hustle to raise funds for a home deposit. 

The scheme involved a lady called Xiaoli, convincing her 20 boyfriends to buy her 20 new iPhone 7s, which she then sold for enough money to put a down payment on a house.

 While the story did not sound legitimate at first, the BBC reported it has been able to authenticate the claims. The blogger who told this story was surprised when Xiaoli revealed she sold 20 iPhones to a mobile phone recycling plant for $17,815 and then used that money for her house deposit. Many people on China’s microblogging site Sina Weibo have been expressing their surprise at Xiaoli’s enterprise and quick work in convincing her 20 lovers to each buy her an Iphone 7.

How did she even get 20 lovers in the first place?

Her co-workers are asking a very legit question:

 “Who knows what her boyfriends think now this news has become public.” Xiaoli did not come from a wealthy family, so she had to think outside the box to raise the funds for a home. Following the story, several readers have been expressing admiration for the smart cookie. “I can’t even find one boyfriend. She can actually find 20 boyfriends at the same time and even get them to buy her an iPhone 7.

Just want to ask her to teach me such skills,” wrote one user. However, not all agree, with other users labeling her “shameless.” It’s more than likely Xiaoli isn’t too bothered by the negative comments as she is busy moving into her new pad and juggling a roster of 20 boyfriends.