Ways A Child Can Be ‘Spoilt’ In A Compound House In Ghana

You can teach them all the good things but they’ll still end up corrupt due to influences from outside.

 Being in a compound house is a real challenge in the sense that, since your child is exposed to different characters and the tendency to adopt one is very high. These are some ways children living a compound house can spoil.

1. Adults Start Teaching Them Adult Stuff, They befriend the kids, show them stuff, the kids watch television in their rooms but what they teach your child is very important. When your child is close to an older person in a compound house, that person can easily influence them with their lifestyle. I know a child who enters a female tenants room and comes out with makeup. When the mother complains, she (tenant) goes like, “oh this is just for fun, it’s nothing”. However, the truth is that these kids pick on these and before you know it, it’s become a part of them. Am not saying makeup is not good ooooooooh just understand what i mean by that.

2. You Learn From Other Kids, Some kids are bad by nature. No matter what you do to them, they are bad and these kids because they play with other kids, will get to influence them. When I was a child, there was this boy in my hood, one day he practically forced another boy to try having sex with a girl. Had it not been for an adult who passed around that spot and found them, he would have succeeded. Whether they are petty thieves or just plain disrespectful, they can influence other kids in the house.

3. Tenants With Dubious Characters Every house has one or two members with dubious characters and these people get to influence other people in the house. It’s not magic, just normal. No matter the character of a person, someone will find it amusing, exciting or just curious about it. This is the problem with kids, they are vulnerable and are super curious, they see something and feel it’s cool and because their family doesn’t do that, they become curious about it. What happens is that they secretly begin to learn and before you know it, they are more than the originators themselves.

4. They See Everything, Children are inquisitive and very sensitive, the fact that they are mostly home means they get to see everything. From that tenant who smokes to the one who beats his wife to the female tenant who normally gets male visitors and that guy who is always with a different girl, they see everything. Since they might not understand and will not ask anybody about anything, they’ll tend to form their own conclusions and may involuntarily pick on a couple of these behaviors.

5. They Spy For Neighbour’s, When a tenant, mostly a male, gets a female visitor, the child is normally told to watch out for other visitors and either send them away with an excuse or alert the tenant with an agreed signal. They are then compensated with sweets or coins to buy biscuit. This looks quite harmless but when this continues for a long time, which it normally does, then the child will learn that double dating is normal and lying is also normal.

 6. Parents Are Mostly Not Home To Monitor Kids,Kids are mostly home whiles their parents are away at work. They go to school and come home in the afternoon. At this time, their parents will be at work and may return in the evening. Between the time they come home and the time their parents return, a lot can happen. This is the period they often get to do all the naughty stuff with other kids or on their own.