Ways To Reject A Girl That Likes You Without Breaking Her Heart

She likes you and want to know how to reject aher without making her feel bad? 

I have all the right tips for you. Girls reject guys all the time and it’s always nice when a guy finally gets the chance to reject a girl too. You just follow these steps

1. Post pictures with another woman. Perfect! It’s the best way to tell her that you are in love with someone else, even when you are not in love with someone else. It’s also a way to tell her that you find other girls more attractive than her.

2. Ask one of your friends to hit on her. If you have a friend who is good-looking or good at seducing women, you can ask him to take the burden away from you. Consider it a bro-to-bro favor.

3. Ignore her until she gives up…..LOL. Sometimes the best way to reject is not to say NO at all. Just keep ignoring the girl. She will get the message and eventually give up. If she refuses to give up and keeps on pestering you, it’s now your civic duty to report her to the police.

4. Tell her to get lost. Like “BYE GIRL….I DON”T WANT YOU!”

5. Tell her she is not your type. Everyone has a type right? You can tell her straight to the face that you fancy a different type that is not just her. No harsh feelings. You are just being real.

6. Friendzone her Guys get friend zoned all the time and we survive so don’t worry, she will survive. Tell her you see her like your sister. Mua ha ha ha!!!

7. Use being busy as an excuse to say no. You can easily use studies, projects and work as an excuse to say no to a proposal. When someone tells you that you have a crush on you, just say that you are too busy to be involved in a romantic relationship.

8. Say that you have other stress causing problems in your life at the moment You can say no to being asked out by saying that you have other problems that are causing stress in your life right now. Tell the girl that you want to sort of those issues and get your life back on track before you even think about seeing someone