‘President George Weah Wants Me To Solve An Ongoing Musical Beef In Liberia’ – Shatta Wale Reveals

Irony could be redefined here- Shatta Wale just revealed that footballer cum president,

His Excellency George Oppong Weah has humbly requested him to come and solve an ongoing beef in Liberia between two feuding artistes.

 Isn’t that funny- I mean here’s a musician whose fame has loosely hinged on unnecessary beefing and spontaneous vituperation aimed at his fellow musicians and wants to say the Liberian president couldn’t rely on any other person than him? Well, explaining himself further, Shatta Wale said it’s only Ghanaians who don’t value him (a situation he blamed on the media), adding that his huge fan base keeps increasing because he’s adored outside.

These media people don’t see anything good about me and they have spoken about me for a long time now my girlfriend has left me.
His Excellency George Oppong Weah