Serve The Nation With Professionalism and Integrity -Interior Minister charges Immigration Officers

The Minister for Interior Hon Ambrose Derry has charge immigration officers in the country to serve mother Ghana with professionalism,loyalty and integrity.

The Minister said, as they(recruit) join the rank and file of the service, they shoud be guided by the tenets of professionalism,integrity, loyalty, service to the nation,respect for human right and most importantly, never stop learning. He said the rapidly changing world trends requires a service and a workforce, dynamic enough to meet the changing demands especially in the area of migration and national security. 

  Your lessons covered the establishment law of the service and its regulations, the various law governing the core immigration duties and professional ethics. Do not depart from these lessons. They are the commandments, if you will, by which you will be judged or assessed. May you not be found to have deviated from them,continue to make discipline your hallmark as you start work.
Hon. Derry Congratulated them for the successful completion of your training program and wished them well as they embark on their new journey as a career immigration officers. He sens his heartiest commendation to all the overall best recruit, I say do not relent in your efforts to continuous improve on yourself.

       The Interior Minister made this statements at the 23rd Recruit Intake Passing Out Parade Programe at Assin Fosu Immigration Training School today. A total of 733 recruit passed out today.According to him,the training of this batch of recruit, presented a great logistical challenge to the leadership of the Ghana Immigration service who had to implore innovative means to ensure the success we are witnessing toady.

The construction of additional dormitory facilities, the expansion and renovation of existing once and the use of the Achiase Military welfare Jungle school to host and train 125 of the recruits who form part of the number we see today are some of the innovative interventions.
      He added that in the years, the service has also embarked on a number of policy initiatives aimed at streamlining the existing work processes and incorporating critical elements to broaden the scope of operation. 

       It is worthy to note that in 2018,the service launched a five 5 year strategic plan which spans from 2018 to 2022. By the end of this period, the service is expected to have registered significant gains in six thematic areas aimed at addressing the human resources needs ,equipment and infrastructure, laws and policies, ICT and most critical of all ,funding to help realized all these goals