Stop Disgracing Assin Natives,We are Not Lazy-Koojour Fires Hon Kennedy Agyapong

Former Assin Central Constituency Chairman of the biggest opposition party National Democratic Congress (NDC)

Mr.Prince Obeng popularly known as Koojour has called on the Member of Parliament for Assin Central Hon.

Kennedy Ohene Agyapong to desist from the habit of tagging the people of Assin as lazy. Hon Kennedy Agyapong is my mentor when it comes to giving to the poor and the needy and his contribution to the development of Assin, but for him to see us lazy on any given platform is unacceptable. Mr. Obeng made this comment after the lawmaker called the people of Assin as lazy and naturally born bad. 

   The Member Of Parliament for Assin Central Hon. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong has stated emphatically that, the people of Assin are naturally born bad and at the same time lazy.

 Hon.Kennedy Ohene Agyapong made this comments in a one on one interview with Alfred Amoh on an Assin Fosu based radio station Nkwa 88.1fm on Saturday morning.According to the Assin Central lawmaker, he built a factory at his hometown Assin Dompim but the people of Assin didn’t patronised it and the sad side is that, the electrical panels on the machines have also been stolen so the machine has become useless, He continued that, he cultivated about 598 acres of rice which stretched from Assin Dompim to Assin Asempaneye with 800 workers but at the end, they didnt even harvest 1000 bags of rice, He also made mention of Assin Nyankomasi fruit factory called FRUITLAND which has been left unattended to over the years ,the people of Assin refused to sell their farm produce to feed the factory but rather sold it to our friends from Burkina Faso, he said.

 Hon. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong made it clear that, over his dead body will he built a factory on Assin Land again but he promised to buy the farm produce from the people of Assin to feed his factory he is building in other places. but he was quick to add that, the people of Assin are hardworking only when they travel outside their catchment area but they are very lazy at home. I will always donate items to you but to build a factory, never, unless there is a change of attitude, because the attitude of the people of Assin opposes development.
        The Former NDC chairman said, though it was true that the lawmaker established a rice farm at Assin Dompim, but the caretakers employed only beautiful ladies who knows nothing about farming and on top of that, the rice was planted on hills instead of waterlog area which lead to the collapse of the project. He continued that, it is not the whole of Assin people thatstoled the electrical panels on his machine at Assin Dompim so he should be selective in his utterances. 

 According to Mr. Obeng, he is very much disappointed in the Chiefs of Assin for not calling the lawmaker to order. I am not against Kennedy Agyapong but his remarks on the people of Assin can hunt us in the future if we should go and search for a job outside Assin, I totally condemn his comments, he said in an interview with the media. He finally pleaded with the Chiefs to call Hon Kennedy Agyapong to order before his comments causes doom to the future of the youth of Assin.